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Lawnmower Reviews for the UK

 lawnmower reviews provides detailed reviews of the very best lawnmower reviews in the UK covering

-   Push mowers, Electric cylinder  mowers, Electric Rotary mowers, Petrol Cylinder Mowers, Petrol Rotary mowers, Cordless mowers and Ride on mowers.

Lawnmowers are expensive so pick carefully and go for the best you can afford.

lawn mower
- I've had my mower for 15 years and it still cuts and looks like it was new.

- It really pays to take time to work out the most suitable mower for your garden.

- Buy the best you can afford, then look after your mower with regular servicing.

My friend was in the market for a new mower.  It seemed a simple purchase in the spring right, just go to the local DIY store, buy the mower and get it home. Well, it’s not that simple! He was advised to buy a mower that was completely wrong for his garden.   His bad experience prompted me to build this site to provide advice, do all the hard work and identify the best choices available.

Using this site you will  be able to find the best mower for you.

 Think carefully when buying a mower as picking the wrong one could make your job much harder that it need be!

 You could end up with a poor job, uneven grass and cuttings everywhere – not funny when it's dragged into the house all year long!

Properly cared for, your lawnmower could last 20+ years, so identify what is best for your type of garden and go for the best you can afford.

Cheap and cheerful so often is more expensive in the long run and I guarantee you will be disappointed with the results you achieve.

We all want to be proud of our garden and a beautiful lawn sets it off. I would always go for a mower that collects cuttings and produces a formal striped finish for that high quality look.


  • Identify your size and type of garden- small, medium or large and flat, rough or sloped
  • Decide petrol, electric or battery
  • Choose rotary or cylinder
  • Finally go for push or self-propelled.

This guide shows the best models for these different garden types:

Small Gardens

(Up to 60 m2)

Push Cylinder Qualcast Panther 30 Best on small, flat areas
Electric Rotary Rotak 34 Best for rougher areas
Hover Flymo Glider 330 Useful for banked areas
Cylinder Qualcast Concorde 32 Best electric for small areas
Battery Rotary Rotak 34 Cordless Finds long grass hard
Petrol Cylinder Hayter 617 Excellent finish

 Medium Gardens

(Up to 150 m2)

Electric Rotary Rotak 40 Excellent ergonomics
Hover Flymo 400 Good on banked areas
Battery Rotary Rotak 43 Cordless Excellent flexibility
Petrol Cylinder Suffolk Punch 14SK Excellent finish
Rotary Hayter 617 Excellent finish
Rotary Honda Izy Used by professional gardeners

 Large Gardens

(Over 150m2)

Electric Rotary Rotak 43 Excellent ergonomics
Battery Rotary Rotak 43 Cordless  Excellent flexibility
Petrol Hover Flymo Air Cushion Handles 45 degree banks
Rotary Hayter 619 Self propelled
Rotary Honda Izy Self propelled
Cylinder Suffolk Punch 14SK Excellent quality finish
Cylinder Qualcast 35S Used by professional gardeners

Largest Gardens and Small Paddocks

Ride on Mowers  best is   CastelGarden XD140 Side Discharge Mulching Ride on Mower

When you spend time working on your garden you want the lawn to set it off so always go for the very best you can afford. You have to live with your decision for many years.

Lawnmower reviews identify the best  lawnmower choices are:
Push Mowers                Only really for small gardens and level short grass
Battery mowers             Only really for small gardens, find long grass difficult
Hover Mowers               Suitable for small and medium gardens, useful on banked areas
Electric Mowers            Best for small and medium gardens but needs an electrical outlet
Petrol Mowers              All garden types, larger gardens need larger width mowers
Rotary                      With rear roller to achieve striped finish

Push                        Best on small and medium gardens, short or long grass
Self- propelled            Great for larger gardens, small paddocks, short or long grass
Cylinder Push              Suits medium gardens
Self-propelled              Best for large gardens
Sit on Mowers              Suits very large gardens and small paddocks

The history of the lawn mower is shown Here.

Lawnmower reviews for the UK are detailed in the sidebar.

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